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Looking for a freestanding sign that’s bigger than a monument or a cabinet? Pylon signs are the way to go!

The Sign Group builds pylons for storefronts and business parks throughout Wisconsin and the United States. These larger-than-life signs range anywhere from custom light boxes to dimensional letters attached to the face. Pylon signs are useful for businesses stationed along busy roads or highways and are usually built with metal, stone, brick, or acrylic.

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Sturdy Pylons Built for Business Parks, Strip Malls, and MoreTri City Pylon Sign

Over the years, The Sign Group has built the best, most durable pylon signs for businesses all over the country. The great thing about pylons is that they don’t have to conform to one particular shape or style – there are many types and components of pylons we build for businesses just like yours, including:

  • Custom lit letters
  • Built-in electronic LED panels
  • Dimensional channel letters
  • Custom painted faces
  • Custom-built stone, acrylic, or metal base
  • And much more!

No matter what the shape and size of your pylon sign, the expert builders at The Sign Group will customize it to your exact specifications. We have experience building signs for companies both big and small – we’ve even done signage for venues as big as Summerfest and Miller Park Stadium!

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