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Get a Custom-Built Extruded Cabinet or Architectural Sign

Want to get a freestanding sign built for your business rather than just channel letters? Want to explore a wider range of signage options than what other companies offer? We can help!  

More than likely, you’ve driven down the street and seen a business’s sign standing beside the road, often made with metal, plastic, or even stone. Monument signs are a great type of sign for businesses to use when they would like to advertise their company along the side of the road near their storefront. Monument signs and cabinets are usually set low to the ground, and can sometimes have elements of dimensional letters, LED lighting, and even electronic message boards.

If you’re thinking of building a new monument sign for your business, call the professionals at The Sign Group today to learn more about our services, or get a free quote on a new monument sign for your company.

Monument Sign for Starbucks


Monument Sign for Sussex, WI

Fabricated Monument Signs Made for YOUR Business

Your cabinet or monument sign should reflect what your business represents, and The Sign Group is here to help you do that! We fabricate, deliver, and install whatever type of monument sign you need– no matter what the shape, size, or style you want, we’ll build it for you.

Some of the monument signs we fabricate include:

  • Freestanding Signs
  • Post and Panel Signs
  • Directory Signs
  • Digital Displays
  • And more!

We build cabinets and monument signs for all types of businesses and industries, and we can accommodate you with whatever type of monument or cabinet you need. None of what we build is pre-fabricated, meaning we custom-build our own cabinets, and like all our signage, they are built to last!


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Monument signs are built to last, and when your work with The Sign Group, your sign is sure to last for years down the road. If your business is looking to get a new monument sign built for your storefront location, give us a call to get a free quote and consultation on our services!

**Note: Turnaround times for monument signs is approximately 10 days after final paperwork and deposit is complete.**

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