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Not sure where to start when figuring out the best sign for your business’s storefront? Need a beautiful sign without having to break the bank? The Sign Group knows you can’t go wrong with channel letters!

Channel letters are one of the best, most versatile types of signs used by businesses all over the United States, and the professional builders at The Sign Group can build them for you at the most affordable prices. Each and every one of our channel letter signs are precision-crafted, manufactured, and painted to your exact specifications. Our sign makers offer both interior and exterior channel letter signage to give your company a look that’s as professional and unique as possible.

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The Best Channel Letters at the most Affordable Prices

Just in case you’re wondering what they are – channel letters are the dimensional signs you see attached to a building’s storefront, often above the front doors. Each letter is individually formed in its own separate enclosure by fabrication professionals, like all of us at The Sign Group.

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Channel letters are most commonly part of illuminated signs, meaning they need to be installed by expert electricians. Certain types of electrical channel letter signage include:

  • Front Lit – or standard lit, these types of channel letters are the most common type of electrical signage as they illuminate only from the front of the letters.
  • Reverse Lit (or “Halo Lit”) – these types of channel letters illuminate from behind each letter, creating a sort of halo light effect around the whole sign.
  • Front/Back Lit – when you want your channel letters to illuminate from both the front and the back of the sign, this type of signage the best option for you.
  • Open Face – open face channel letters are open at the front and are often illuminated by lights visible clearly at nighttime.

All our channel letters are lit with LED lights, though non-illuminated channel letters are also an option. We have a 5-year labor warranty coverage on LED modules when installed with HanleyLED premium power supplies, as well as a 2-year labor warranty coverage on premium power supplies when installed with HanleyLED modules. No matter how you want your channel letter sign lit, The Sign Group experts help you out with the most high-quality LED lights. 


Channel Letters

Professional CNC Routing for All Channel Letters

We own a brand new Accubend Model 26, a sophisticated piece of equipment which allows for channel letters to be fabricated quickly with the highest-quality components. The Accubend allows for competitive pricing and quicker turnaround time, making more channel letters quickly and efficiently. The professional builders of The Sign Group are here to better serve our valued customers with innovative technology and high-quality equipment.



Sign Building Services Whenever You Need Them!

Building your channel letter sign is only one step in getting the professional branding you want for your business – there are actually many steps to consider when getting a new sign!

Site surveys, licenses, and permits are essential during the sign-building process, so the expert team at The Sign Group will be there to make sure you’ll get your sign installed properly and legally. We offer CNC router work to make the channel letter signs to your exact specifications, and we even have a Matthew’s Custom Paint Station right at our Milwaukee facility to help color your sign to perfection – every time!

No matter how big or small your company is, The Sign Group is here for YOU to help you with all your channel letter building, routing, surveying, and permitting needs.   

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**Note: Turnaround times for channel letters is approximately 5 days after final paperwork and deposit is complete.**

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