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Choose from Over 300,000 Unique Colors with Matthew's Custom Paint Station

In addition to all the services we offer when creating your beautiful new signage, we also paint each one to your particular specifications in Matthew’s Custom Paint Station. Whether you’re looking for custom channel letters for your small retail shop, or you need a wholesale sign for a franchise restaurant, The Signgroup is here to help!

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Matthew's Custom Paint Station

What is Matthew’s Custom Paint Station?

For over 80 years, Matthew’s Paint has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality paint used on architectural and wholesale signage. Their strong and weatherproof paint is specially mixed to withstand any sort of extreme weather, damage, or ultraviolet rays.  

The Signgroup’s professional signage is painted using the highest quality primers, topcoats, and clear coats to ensure your company’s sign has the durability and vibrant color it needs to last for years. You can choose amongst several high-performance topcoats for your new sign, including:

  • Conventional Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane (MAP) – Has superior color and gloss retention, graffiti resistant topcoat, and suitable for metal, wood and plastic surfaces
  • Satin Low VOC (SVOC) – Superior color and gloss retention, graffiti resistant topcoat, suitable for metal, wood and plastic surfaces, and has a clean satin finish
  • MAP Ultra Low VOC (MAP-LV) – This high-performance polyurethane paint has superior color retention, gloss retention, impact resistance, temperature resistance, and superior coverage with 50% less paint

Let The Signgroup enhance your signage with our custom painting services from our on-site Matthew’s Custom Paint Mixing Station. Your sign is sure to have the most beautiful, durable, high-quality colored paint to properly represent your business’s brand!  

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